What To Look For When Hiring A Production Assistant In Romania

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Romania is the land of exceptional nature, vampire legends, gorgeous food, and impeccable people. Think of Romania as a low-cost version of France, with Bucharest often called the little Paris of the East. This is why, especially lately, Romania is at the center of video production companies for their new clients. Looking for a production assistant in Romania? Here’s what you need to know!

What to look for in a production assistant in Romania

When hiring a new production assistant in Romania for your next big visual hit, there are a few things you should consider before even settling a date and hour for an interview. Like most service providers in the industry, the first thing you should look for is their portfolio. Start with the experience of the future production assistant you’ll hire, and have them show you their best work. If that is not enough, ask them for testimonials. Make sure their past production crews enjoyed working with them, having them around, and fixing things for them while on the ground.

Another important factor when looking for a new production assistant in Romania is how good they are going to be with problem-solving. When on set, many issues arise out of nowhere. Location changes, equipment malfunctions, people getting sick or incapacitated for other reasons. Test your future employer and see if they can cope with these possible issues before hiring them, by doing a week-long pre-hiring trial. Pay them as you would, but have them tested and tried out. If they can handle 90% of tasks, hiring them is a great idea.

Finally, like with most new employees, it is a good idea to not only test them but also teach them well before giving them any major tasks around the set, or the office if they’re post-production personnel. Training your people will have your production team working better and faster, which is cost-efficient in the end.

Other things to look for when working in Romania

Now that you know what to look for when hiring your next production assistant in Romania, here are some internal tips about this country you should further look into. Romania is a country of hard-working people, but most workers appreciate a gesture, more than a payment.

This is why, whenever you work with external people on your set, like helpers to move things around, have some food and drinks (non-alcoholic) at hand. Serve them right after their task and you’ll see appreciation for it right away. Romanians are very hard working, they just need a little push to have them going.

A very important thing to manage well when working in Romania is set movement. Roads in Romania are still under development, so plan well before you need to move your staff and actors to the next location. Trains are often late on long distances, but you can use flights to move people, and cargo, between Bucharest and the other main cities of the country.

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