We provide service production in Romania and Moldova to foreign producers and journalists.

Since 2013, we helped deliver content for a number of media organizations including BBC World TVNetflixDiscovery ChannelBBC World ServiceBBC Radio 4BBC2The TimesChannel 4The New York Times, as detailed in the “What We’ve Done” section.

In addition, we also covered commercial assignments for content delivered to brands like Panasonic and Nike.

Topics related to Romania/Moldova can sometimes be difficult to understand, that is why we start every assignment with a clear briefing for the people we work with. Our local knowledge and contacts mean we can help you find the best film crew and most original stories. We are passionate storytellers, believers in free speech and keen to help put Romania and Moldova on the international stage.

Our phone is on 24/7. We look forward to hearing from you!

Key People

Bogdan Maraloiu

Production Manager

Bogdan is an experienced Production Manager with a proven track record of success in the dynamic field of film and television production. Over the past 6 years, he has worked on a diverse range of projects, including sports programs, history TV shows, TV documentaries, and films for clients like Netflix, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and more. Based in Bucharest, Romania, he has developed an extensive network of industry professionals across various departments of a filming crew. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for delivering high-quality content, he is equipped to assist and contribute to projects of any scale.

Traian German

Local Producer

Traian is a Professional Local Producer working in the industry since 2004, servicing various international clients as Producer and UPM in his home country of Romania and Greece. Some of his projects were nominated and awarded in Sundance Film Festival, Transilvania International Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, Vukovar Film Festival, ZagrebDox, Sunset International Film Festival, Peloponnesian International Film Festival, Romanian Union of Filmmakers and others. He helped produce content for clients such as Channel 5, Label News (France), National Geographic and commercials for Mercedes-Benz (Germany), Telekom (Romania/Greece), Molson Coors(Romania), Pop Life Global (China), Genertel (Italy), E-On (Italy), Procter&Gamble.

Paul Lungu

Senior Production Specialist

Paul started working as a fixer in Romania in 2013. He focused on field production in his home country and helped service projects in Romania for content broadcast on BBC, Channel 4, History and others. He then joined London-based ShortsTV as a staff director before returning to service production.Paul is also the founder of Storytailors, an international network of field producers, fixers and filmmakers stretching across 100+ countries. He was actively involved in servicing production for platforms like Netflix, Discovery, ARTE, ZDF and commercial projects for brands such as Hyundai, Panasonic or Nike.