Top Qualities To Look For In A Production Coordinator In Romania

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The position of production coordinator is key for any videomaking crew. If you’re looking for the right production coordinator in Romania, we’ve come up with a few key aspects to look for in that individual. Follow along and you might spare your staff from tons of headaches while at work.

What to look for in a production coordinator in Romania

Romania is a beautiful country in Eastern Europe. Dracula’s Castle is one of the main sights to see, alongside the humongous People’s Palace, the heaviest building on earth. If you’re planning a video production there, and are looking for a production coordinator in Romania, the first thing you should look for is experience. Has this person worked in a presentable media production before? If so, was the production a decent one? Have them name a few productions in which they’ve worked, as a coordinator or not.

Secondly, you should have your production coordinator in Romania tested for English and communication skills. English is widely spoken in Romania, but as a coordinator, your employee must be able to fluently speak and write in this language. Also, test your future coordinator for communication skills, which are of utmost importance for the person who’s about to run your production. If they can’t be clear and direct with their demands, while keeping the set calm and excited, you’re in big trouble.

Finally, a production coordinator should be able to do a bit of everything when it comes to video making. They should be able to film with a camera if need be, as well as to rewrite a sketchy piece of script. Coordinators have to be able to solve minor to complex set problems, like equipment breaking down, sick actors on leave, and so on. A good coordinator will also know editing software, both video, and audio, and can assist producers on their job to make sure the final product is the best it can be.

Making the most out of your production in Romania

Now that you know what the ideal production coordinator in Romania has to look like, let’s focus on the actual production next. Making the most out of your production in this country is easy, as working in Romania is straightforward. People are hard-working and will usually put on the work for the buck. Actors are professionals who take their jobs very seriously. The same goes for production staff of any rank.

Romania is the land of beautiful natural landmarks, incredible historical sights, and impeccable traditions that are still lasting. If you’re into nature, head to the Fagaras Mountains where you’ll be met with gorgeous high peaks, superb waterfalls, as well as the Transfagarasan, the best road in the world according to Top Gear. History fans will go to Bran Castle, which stands at the base of the famous “Dracula” novel by Bram Stoker. Finally, Maramures county is the perfect place for shooting great traditions and culture documentaries. Just go, and you’ll see why!

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