How To Find A Film Fixer In Romania

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Romania is a small Eastern European country with huge potential when it comes to filmmaking. Finding a film fixer in Romania is not that hard. Tons of companies work in the movie-making industry. Top Gear had a fixer close the famous Transfagarasan road for them, so you should be able to find a great fixer yourself.

Film fixer in Romania – how to find one

To find a film fixer in Romania, first establish your base location. Most of the time that will be Bucharest, the capital and most populous city in the country. In Bucharest lye the most important filming companies in the country, and so you can start there for finding a fixer. Yet, a fixer by definition is not required to work in movie making directly. These people are good with relationships. They have connections with people in the right places, who can help you with anything having to do with production.

For example, if you need a few pieces of old Romanian furniture, or clothing, for a shooting you’re doing for a documentary, your film fixer in Romania should be able to rent those for you. At a reasonable price, or even for free, if having the right connections. Another example would be with local police and authorities. Should you need a road blocked for a movie scene that happens on the street, the fixer should be able to make a few phone calls and have a patrol unit or two at the spot in no time.

If you can’t find a fixer through the traditional ways, like at a company that provides production services or through asking around, go online. Romania loves the internet, and many job offers are posted on Facebook and other platforms. Find a large group and post your fixer job in there. You should have a ton of offers by the end of the evening.

What is a fixer’s job

What is the job of a film fixer in Romania? As the name states, he or she fixes things. They can arrange anything and everything having to do with your filming in Romania. As well as things like logistics, like taking the crew from point A to point B during your filming. Accommodation, food, even entertainment for the crew are all falling under the watchful eye of the fixer.

The job of the fixer is highly variable from one production to the other. It all comes down to needs. While one production might need a fixer to help with securing the best filming locations, another might hire them to look for local actors for side roles, or figuration. Other fixers might solely work on the legality aspects of a project, as movie permits and abiding by the filming laws in Romania.

With having such a broad spectrum of possible features, fixers are best described as “good-at-everything men”, who can handle mostly everything you can throw at them. Their job is to fix, no questions asked.

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