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You don’t have to be afraid of vampires to decide to work with an experienced fixer in Romania. Providing access to the ultimate local resources is what we do best. And we are no bloodsuckers, for real.  When it comes to production services in Romania, our team of media mavens is all you need.

Full Access To Extensive Production Services In Romania

Have you ever wondered what makes the difference between an average and a top production? The success of any video project depends on five main factors. Your vision is what sets things on fire, bringing something new into the world. Then, the story you share through the screen, with the help of talented distribution, matters too. Of course, you could not ignore the budget you manage to allocate and how exactly you do that. Finally, the crew you have by your side during each stage of production makes a great difference.


So, when filming in the Land of Dracula, how can you ensure you have only the most experienced team on board? Simple, you work with us. We provide a wide array of production services in Romania, making filming here a real delight. From location scouting to gear rental, we got you covered. Thanks to our extensive network of collaborators, all your filming needs get met in no time. You bring the story, share your vision and we take care of all the other details. Sourcing for a knowledgeable cast or crew is a breeze for our local media mavens. Forget about language barriers or regulations impossible to understand. Fixer Romania is ready to assist you from the first day of production.

Explore the most scenic routes and film in remote locations with ease. If what you are looking for is a reliable fixer with competitive rates, call off the search. Count on us for all-encompassing production services in Romania.

Why Choose Fixer Romania?

From the Merry Cemetery in Maramures to the stunning Danube Delta, there is so much to shoot here. Romania is surprisingly telegenic for many foreign filmmakers. While we take great pride in our beautiful filming locations, we have so much more to offer. For you to enjoy shooting here, you need a dedicated crew and access to top filming resources. In other words, what you need are the ultimate production services in Romania.

That is where we enter the scene. With a passionate and knowledgeable crew, we can accommodate all your filming needs. Wondering why you should work with us? The answer is simple.

  • We put your vision first, to make your video concept come true as accurately as possible.
  • We have a nationwide network of collaborators, a message away. No matter where you decide to shoot, we can bring all the filming supplies on-set promptly.
  • Our portfolio covers a large array of production services. From location scouting, gear rental to crew sourcing, you name it, we do it.
  • Our rates are fully customizable, according to your needs and budget.

Reliable local production support, without bloodsucking? Fixer Romania has all the answers you need!

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