Paul Lungu & Andra Samoila, two Bucharest-based freelance fixers, researchers and interpreters.

We work with foreign media when covering stories from Romania and Moldova.

Most of our production assignments came through recommendations, but we are always keen to explore new areas.

We have worked for several media organizations, including BBC World TV, Netflix, Discovery ChannelBBC World Service, BBC Radio 4, BBC2, The Times, Channel 4, The New York Times, as detailed in the “What We’ve Done” section.

Topics related to Romania/Moldova can sometimes be difficult to understand, that is why we start every assignment with a clear briefing for the people we work with. Our local knowledge and contacts mean we can help you find the best and most original stories and contributors.

We are passionate story tellers, believers in free speech and keen to help put Romania and Moldova on the international stage.

Our priority is to ensure you have all the information and help you need. If you return home and have further questions or need extra info, we will be happy to provide it for you at no additional cost.

Our phone is on 24/7. We look forward to hearing from you!