What I’ve Done

Here is a short list that includes some of the productions I have recently worked on as a Romanian fixer, location manager in Romania and facilitator:

  • TV show

History Channel: Fifth Gear – Romania video episode of the British/international motorsport show

  • TV documentary

Channel 4: The Romanians Are Coming – a documentary nominated for the Grierson Awards in the UK

  • Corporate: video/photography

Panasonic: Lumix G80 corporate commercial campaign – a world reputed photographer goes on an exploration around traditional Romanian villages testing a brand new camera

  • Radio: current affairs

BBC World Service/BBC Radio 4: The Shepherds’ Revolt – a current affairs piece on Romanian shepherds, hunters and their challenges in front of regulations and the modern world

  • Written press: current affairs/economy

Euromoney: a piece on Romanian economy and the political situation

ITV (UK): a written piece and video report about the social outcome of Colectiv club fire in Bucharest


Some of the media organizations I have worked with as a fixer in Romania and/or Moldova:


  • The Times
  • The BBC: TV and radio
  • The New York Times
  • Channel 4 (UK)
  • Channel 5 (UK)
  • France Television
  • History Channel
  • Brave agency (UK) for Panasonic


Here we are in Bucharest looking very forward to the media productions and prospects of 2017.

2016 was a busy year working as a Bucharest-based Romanian fixer and location manager.

It started with a current affairs piece for ITV in the UK and continued with another one for the BBC.

Through contacts and recommendations, I managed to put together two very demanding corporate shoots that included finding contributors in traditional areas and road closures.

Alongside the other local producers I work with, I did my first job for a French television on a documentary due to be released in 2017.


2015 was also an action-packed year working as a fixer in Romania and Moldova – the people I met and myself could write a book about all the unexpected experiences we’ve lived.

Some of the things that happened in 2015:

We’ve had Fifth Gear visiting (oh boy – that was challenging and fun) while the Channel 4 series The Romanians Are Coming was nominated for the Grierson Awards in the UK.

We’ve set up a fixers team here in Romania to make sure we can always take projects and handle them properly.

I helped Biritsh photographer Jacob James organize a photography workshop around rural Romania.

Six other productions we participated in as fixers are due to be released in the last few months of 2015 or early 2016.


2014 was an exciting year for me working as a fixer in Romania and it gave me a lot of energy for the start of 2015.

I’ve spent New Year’s Eve working as a fixer and translator in Bucharest for a BBC team – here is the online piece.

I’ve also started working as a researcher and fixer for a future TV series yet to be released in Great Britain.

I worked as a fixer and location manager in Romania for several production companies from abroad. One of the most adventurous assignments was helping the SD Media team in filming an episode in Romania of Road Less Traveled, a show that is broadcasted on Discovery, National Geographic and History Channel.

It was also challenging and adventurous as always to get a couple of assignments done as a fixer in Moldova with my local contact Viorel. He is also able to work as a fixer in Transnistria – he has been there countless times with journalists from all over the world. Starting this year, I am proud to say I can help any foreign news crew, film maker or journalist to hire a fixer in Moldova or a fixer in Transnistria.

I’ve also participated as a Romanian fixer in setting up a feature regarding a controversial court case for one of the Danish central newspapers. The investigation is still ongoing.

It was also a pleasure to work with British photographer Jacob James around the country. He needed a fixer in Romania and a guide in Maramures, so we teamed up and managed to pull together a very vivid photography project.



Here are some of the articles/programmes I have set up or fixed in Romania in 2013:

The Times

Interview with Romanian prime-minister, research on migration/the horse meat scandal, interviews with relevant people for the topic of migration of Romanians to the UK.

An article about migration of Romanians to Britain that includes statements of high officials and case studies.

BBC Newsnight

Interview with Romanian prime-minister on horse meat scandal and migration.

BBC World TV

A programme about controversies related to The Orthodox Church and how Romanians see religion.

BBC World Service

A half-hour radio programme about spirituality in Romania.

Interview with Irina Nistor, the Romanian who dubbed 5000 banned films in the Ceausescu era.

A radio and on-line piece about Andrei Pandele, a Romanian photographer who owns the largest personal photo collection in the world illustrating day-to-day life in communist era.

A radio piece about what happened to Romanian orphans of the early ’90s (recorded in December, yet to be broadcasted).

A radio piece about land grabs (recorded in December, yet to be broadcasted).

BBC Radio 1

A video, an article and a radio piece about the way a young Brit understand the motivation of Romanian migrants to the UK.

The New York Times

A video about street fashion in Bucharest.

Channel 4

Researcher and fixer for a TV material.