A local production network covering the roles of fixer, researcher & translator for Romania/Moldova

Hi, we are Andra & Paul – we set up, research, translate and help produce stories in Romania and Moldova for foreign journalists/film crews/documentary makers. We’ve worked for the BBC, Netflix, The Times, The New York Times and many others. They chose us because we are quick, reliable, have great contacts and see solutions, not problems. We are a one-stop-shop for all your needs, from finding the perfect filming location and booking your accommodation to accessing an interview with anyone, from the Prime Minister to a member of a remote community.


Production fixer in Romania: quick & reliable

When you want a good report, a documentary or a film in another country, things don’t just happen. You need a production assistant smart enough to find people, good enough to convince them and reliable to get the job done.

Researcher: save time and money

So you’ve just arrived in Bucharest/Cluj/Iasi/Chisinau and only have a few days to finish your news report, film or documentary. A few hours of research prior to your arrival can help you have an efficient schedule, interesting meetings and the best accommodation in town.

Translator: Romanian to English

In a country with such diverse people, you need a TV fixer willing to adapt their level of conversation in every situation, from chatting to regular people in villages to translating interviews with high officials.

There’s nothing impossible to solve for a production fixer in Romania with enough will, time and resources.